Widening Roswell Road Bridge on Sandy Springs Agenda

With the start of 2010 right around the corner, Eva Galambos is working hard to continue her vision for the city of Sandy Springs. Having received 84% of the vote in the November election, it’s pretty clear that the Sandy Springs residents are excited about her leading us into the future.

Her past four years have been spent getting the city of Sandy Springs up and running. During her first stint in office, the city launched a unique outsourcing model for local government that is quickly being adopted by other cities, tripled police protection and started road and sidewalk improvements.

The biggest issues that Mayor Eva Galombos campaigned on was to widen the Roswell Road bridge over I-285 (something that is desperately needed); to cut the surcharge residents and businesses pay for water service; and begin redeveloping downtown. These items now make up the agenda for the city.

The city is in talks with the state about widening the Roswell Road bridge. Galambos wants the state to pay for it, too.

And Sandy Springs is in the early stages of a lawsuit with Atlanta, in a bid to cut the 21 percent water surcharge that officials estimate costs users $6 million to $7 million a year.

As for revitalizing the downtown area north of the Perimeter, Galambos wants to get property owners in the area on board before any plans, and payment ideas, are hatched.

The revitalization effort alone could take all four years of this term, which officially begins January 1st.

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