City of Sandy Springs is Purchasing Flood Damaged Homes

Using state and federal funds, the City of Sandy Springs plans to purchase six houses that were damaged in the 2009 flood. In fact, the city recently closed on the first one. Not only will these efforts help the current homeowners, but they will positively affect the Sandy Springs real estate market in general by eliminating unsellable lots.

After purchasing the homes, the city will demolish them and then level the lots. The six homes in question all have substantial damage from multiple floods. The city received $2.7 million to complete the project, but as part of the program, the homeowners must agree to pay 15% of the demolition costs.

The first property is located on Pine Forest Road and was purchased for $400,000. The second home, located on Hitching Post Trail, should be closing soon and was sold to the City for $385,000. The remaining four homes are also located in the same area. It is expected to take up to a year to complete work on all homes.

It is remarkable to see a government take such good care of its citizens. The City of Sandy Springs is reaching to help these six homeowners as well as the whole city. Taking into consideration our fantastic city officials, the impeccable location and the myriad of entertainment destinations, nothing compares to life in Sandy Springs.

*Information for this blog post is from an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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