Sandy Springs Passes New Irrigation System Requirements

Sandy Springs homeowners and home buyers beware. The City of Sandy Springs recently passed an ordinance that now requires all new commercial and residential irrigation systems have a rain sensor shut-off and/or freeze sensor shut-off valve installed.

The goal of the ordinance is to promote water conservation by establishing water rules for year round water sandy-springs-new-irrigation-rulesconservation, to promote the efficient use of water, to reduce or eliminate the waste of water in the City and to enable implementation of the City’s water shortage contingency measures.

The Mayor and Council recognize through water conservation and efficiency, other cities have achieved significant reductions in water use, and the City can benefit from setting water conservation benchmarks and goals.

A “rain sensor shut-off switch” means an electronic device that detects and measures rainfall amounts and overrides the cycles of an irrigation system so as to turn off the system when the predetermined amount of rain has fallen or the temperature has fallen below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (zero degrees Celsius). This does not apply to irrigation systems of golf course or any other systems dependent on a nonpublic water sources.

Inspections for the sensors will be conducted at the final site inspections of permitted projects. Residential and commercial properties installing new irrigation systems will need to submit a plumbing permit.

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