Recycle Your Christmas Tree on January 8th

Bring One for the ChipperWhen you decide to start tackling the task of taking down all of your Christmas decorations, be sure to hang on to your tree until January 8, 2011. The reason being that the Sandy Springs Recycling Center and the Home Depot will be collecting trees on January 8th to recycle. So, instead of just throwing away the beautiful pine and adding to the already overflowing landfills, your Christmas tree can be turned into mulch, fuel or fish habitats.

The program is called “Bring One for the Chipper,” and its purpose is to make the trees you’ve been enjoying this holiday season enjoyable for others. For example, the mulch from the recycled Christmas trees is used in many beautification projects around Sandy Springs or given to citizens free of charge.

So, go ahead and start taking down the festive decor that has filled your home for the past month, but don’t just throw out your tree. Remember to take it to the Sandy Springs Recycling Center or the Home Depot on Saturday, January 8th.

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