Life is Good in Sandy Springs

Need yet another reason to relocate to Sandy Springs? Well, we’ve got just about the best reason around; simply put, life is good in Sandy Springs, or at least that is what 83% of residents believe. At the end of 2010, Sandy Springs conducted The National Citizen Survey™ (NCS), in which 83% of residents rated their quality of life as “excellent” or “good.” As if those statistics weren’t impressive enough, Sandy Springs’ ambulance service ranked number one out of 47 comparable cities in the survey. NCS is a collaboration between the National Research Center, Inc. and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).

Other highlights from the survey include:

  • Fire services: rated as “excellent” or “good” by 94% of respondents (#2 of 50 comparable cities)
  • Police services: rated as “excellent” or “good” by 89% of respondents (#3 of 56 comparable cities)
  • Overall Direction of the City: rated as “excellent” or “good” by 76% of respondents (#3 of 41 comparable cities)
  • Economic Sustainability: Sandy Springs rated as an “excellent” or “good” place to work by 90% of respondents  (#6 of 41 comparable cities)
  • City Employees: 79% of respondents rated their overall impression of City employees as either “excellent” or “good” (#6 of 53 comparable cities)
  • Cleanliness of Sandy Springs: rated as “excellent” or “good” by 75% of respondents (#8 of 27 comparable cities)
  • Public Trust: Overall image of Sandy Springs rated as “excellent” or “good” by 75% of respondents (#9 of 35 comparable cities)

Questionnaires were sent to a random sample of 1,800 Sandy Springs households, asking for feedback on the quality and usefulness of City services. These surveys are important to the city as a whole because they tell officials which systems are working and in which departments they need to make improvements. For the 2010 survey, they had a total of 313 questionnaires (19%) returned for analysis by the National Research Center. Let’s try to improve those numbers the next time. Regardless, take pride in the fact that Sandy Springs works hard in making a city that you love to call home, and we are happy to report that they are succeeding.

For more information on this survey, visit or call 770-730-5600.

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