Sandy Springs Implements Hot-In-Place Recycling

With the new asphalt pavement preservation that the City of Sandy Springs utilizes, you have yet one more reason to be proud to call Sandy Springs home. Considering all of the benefits of this technique it is a wonder that Sandy Springs is the first place in the southeastern US to begin the project, which is called Hot-In-Place Recycling. Hot-In-Place Recycling is a process of correcting asphalt pavement surface distress by softening the existing surface with heat, mechanically removing the pavement surface, mixing it with a recycling agent, possibly adding virgin asphalt and/or aggregate and replacing it on the pavement without removing the recycled material from the original pavement site.

The procedure may sound complicated, but it actually is a  pretty simple process. Residents’ inconvenience will be minimal as it takes only one day to recycle and then one day to micro-surface. In addition to the environmental benefits, Hot-In-Place Recycling is economical and produces a smooth, durable surface that will last many, many years. Some of the streets in the program include Aerie Court, Franklin Road, Helmsley Drive, Lackland Court, Marilyn Place, Morganshire Place, Mountain Brook Lane, Tanglewood Court, Tanglewood Trail, Valemont Drive and View Hill Court.

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