Every Dog Has Its Day…Eventually

Sandy Springs dogs would be disappointed to know that a tract of land proposed to provide them with a playground has been deemed to valuable for dogs.  The proposed dog park was to be erected at Great Park at Morgan Falls, an area north of Morgan Falls dam, however after city workers removed bamboo from the bluff a stunning riverfront view was revealed.

It appears as though plans for the dog park have been put on permanent hold while city officials decide how to proceed.  The view from the bluff is quite extraordinary and many city officials feel it would be better served as an oasis for Sandy Springs residents, not their dogs.

As it stands, city officials will continue to search for a location for the dogs, but for now they’ll have to wait to have “their day”.

If you are in search of a local dog park to take your four legged friend, try the East Roswell Park’s dog park, which is just north of Sandy Springs or Piedmont dog park just south of Sandy Springs.

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