Chastain Park

Chastain Park

Chastain Park (click for map) is a 260+ acre park, the largest in the City of Atlanta, located just south of Sandy Springs. Chastain Park is an historic park, designed to be a world-class park with state of the art recreational facilities in its heyday in the 1940s. Those facilities-the horse park, pool, golf course, tennis center, and amphitheater-have expanded to serve thousands of people every year.

The newest additions to¬†Chastain Park are the recreation center, added in the 1970s, the 3.4 miles of PATH, added in the 1990s, and a children’s playground added in its current location in 2000, combining to bring in hundreds more to the park every month. The variety of recreational offerings makes Chastain one of the most diverse of any of the Atlanta City parks.

The Chastain Park Conservancy was formed in 2003 to restore, enhance, maintain, and preserve the park. The Conservancy is working on a master plan with the goal of returning the park to its world-class status. A primary focus of the master plan is to attend to the land that is not part of any lease agreements by the for-profit and nonprofit partners and their venues.

Chastain Park has eleven Operating Partners that help to create the unique environment that is Chastain. Those partners provide programming for venues in Chastain Park, which include:

  • Chastain Park Amphitheatre
  • Chastain Arts Center
  • Chastain Horse Park
  • Chastain Park Athletic Club (pool)
  • Chastain Recreation Center
  • Chastain Tennis Center
  • North Fulton Golf Course
  • Northside Youth Organization (NYO)
  • PATH
  • The Galloway School

Chastain Park
234 W.Wieuca Road
Atlanta, GA 30342