City of Sandy Springs

The city of Sandy Springs is a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia located in Fulton County, just south of Roswell

Fed up with high taxes and poor service delivery, the nearly 90,000 residents of Sandy Springs voted in 2005 to incorporate, making Sandy Springs the first new city in Georgia in 50 years and created a movement that has resulted in other new cities being formed including Milton, John’s Creek and Dunwoody.

The city of Sandy Springs is led my Mayor Eva Galambos and the City Council, consisting of representatives from each of the six districts in Sandy Springs. 

What makes Sandy Springs interesting is that instead of creating a new municipal bureaucracy, the city opted to contract out nearly all government services.

City leaders started with a blank slate, enabling them to ask fundamental questions about what role government should play. Every “traditional” service or function was required to prove its worthiness and proper role and place within government, and officials had to decide whether to “make” or “buy” public services.

Ultimately they decided to “buy” most services from the private sector, signing a contract with  an international firm that oversees and manages the day-to-day operations of the city.